Barton NXT 300 Cross


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A high jump and a long jump on a motocross track … A long and steep climb in the style of cross country rallies … A difficult and courageous hard enduro obstacle … If your body is driven by adrenaline produced in such circumstances, you’ve come to the right place. The Barton NXT 300 will become your favorite, advanced tool for generating the strongest sensations.

The NXT300 enters the Barton Motors range as a model at the forefront of the offroad field – not only in our range, but also in the entire market. The combination of an advanced chassis, high power and high quality means that even experienced off-roaders and competitors will find themselves at the helm of the NXT300. You will delight your defeated training or competition companions not only with the possibilities, but also with the price of this motorcycle. The performance is ensured by a 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine of the renowned Zongshen brand with cooling – which is important – with liquid cooling. In addition to the considerable maximum power exceeding 26 hp, the high torque available in a wide range, as well as the appropriate alignment of the drive and gearbox ratios are also important.

The refined chassis of the NXT300 positively surprises. The steel frame ensures the rigidity of the structure. The aluminum swingarm means reduced unsprung weight, and the rims, spokes and hubs combine light weight with strength (and good style) to help. The icing on the cake is the high-class suspension with a long stroke and full adjustment, thanks to which each competitor will adjust it to his own preferences or obstacles. An experienced rider will appreciate the desirable accessories that the NXT300 has as standard, such as door handles, the aforementioned hubs, tire grippers, or a headlight. All this with a low tare weight of 138 kg.

Are you looking for an advanced off-road motorcycle for demanding training, competition or advanced off-road fun? Visit the Barton Motors showroom and see for yourself the high quality NXT300.

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