Robitronic Transport Bag


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“Robitronic Transport Bag 1/10”
Manufactured from a combination of high quality materials, Robitronics new 1/8 bag becomes the perfect storage for an 1/10th scale touring car together with accessories like tyres, tools, setup-gauges and a starter box. The transport bags five trays are made form though plastic and its coating is especially easy to clean.
The outside features handy pockets for manuals, setup-tools, accessories and many other things youll want to have quick access to.
Measures:Whole bag: 550x500x260mmMain tray: 510x135x240mm
Additional trays: 250x130x340mm
Robitronics transport bag is sold as a “kit” and effortlessly completed.
Item: R14002 Sparetrays:R14002-1 Plastic Tray big (for R14002)R14002-2 Plastic Tray small (for R14002)

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