MCD RR5 Competition 1:5 RTR


MCD RR5 Competition 1:5 RTR

8,901.00kn (1,181.37 €)

Neki dijelovi (motor, ispušni sustav i radio uređaji) prikazani na slikama služe samo za fotografiranje i nisu uključeni uz automobil.
Potrebno za rad: (nije uključeno): Motor min 26cc, 2 kanalni Radio, 3x servo upravljači, 1 ispušni sustav.
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Potrebno za rad: Gorivo + 2T ulje, baterija 6.0V + punjač.


A natural born racer without a compromise.

Right after its release The RR5 FT(Factory Team) had a huge success by grabbing the first two positions at the 2013 European Championship. The race was won with the Factory Team version of the Race Runner 5 with unique features such as the Internal High Pressure Cell shock absorbers, advanced MCD Limited Slip Differentials, ultra strengthened chrome drive shaft and axle, extended 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers and LF composite extended wishbones.

We proudly present the Competition version of the European Champion RR5. A natural born winner comes at an affordable price without compromising the winning capabilities of the EC Version. The RR5 Competition carrying the same genes with the RR5 FT can easily be upgraded to Factory Team Spec.

The RR5 Competition Features

  • Top of the line competition off-road buggy
  • Easy assembly/dis-assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis
  • Elite racing design ultra-durable high performance parts
  • Fifth generation MCD chassis & suspension arms
  • Sophisticated full-time 4WD Shaft Driven mechanics
  • Ultra strengthened chrome drive shaft and axle
  • New easy gear mesh system
  • Easily removable one-piece electronics tray
  • CNC machined 5083 alloy chassis
  • Strengthened long wishbones
  • Solid and durable side guards
  • Easily removable composite front, rear and center diff houses
  • Ultra durable front and rear adjustable brake system
  • Rear-brake only servo slot
  • 5 mm light-weight anodized 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers
  • Optimized multiple shock mounting holes
  • Coil-over extended composite shock absorbers
  • Ultra hardened steel transmission gears
  • No-Stress-Effect polyamide front and rear bumper
  • New ball cup-joints
  • Improved brake linkage
  • New Viper Racing Air Filters
  • New Barracuda G performance exhaust improved for RR5 (Optional)
  • Adjustable CG
  • Adjustable weight distribution
  • Molded fuel tank with shake absorbing separators
  • Fully composite body accessories
  • Drive shaft boot

Competition vs Factory Team Comparison Chart:

Ultra strengthened chrome CCD drive shaft and axleSTD




CCD drive shaft and axle

11SMn Pb37

8620 differential spiral bevel gearsSTDSTD
Front, center and rear 90° Adaptive Lock DifferentialSTDOPT
Composite planetary differential case with 8620 steel gearsSTD
Easily removable one-piece electronics traySTDSTD
CNC machined, lightened 7075 aircraft alloy chassisSTDOPT
CNC machined 5083 alloy chassisSTD
Extended wish-bonesLong Fiber Composite

(rigid for highly efficient driving)

I3 rubber enforced

(flexible for durability)

Micro StudV2 tiresSTD

Blue Compound

Micro Stud tiresOPTSTD

White compound

24 mm hexagonal rim-blocksSTDSTD
Composite molded durable side guardsSTDSTD
Easily removable composite front, rear and center diff housesSTDSTD
Ultra durable front and rear adjustable steel disc brake rotors and padsFront Double Discs

Bronze Pads

Single Disc

Steel Pads

CNC Machined 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers8mm Lightened


Optimized multiple suspension holes3 shock absorber

6 roll-center linkage

2 shock absorber

2 roll-center linkage

Rear extended shock absorbersSTDOPT

(with extended towers)

Coil-over extended composite shock absorbersSTD

with Internal High Pressure Cell System

Alloy shock cap and ringSTDOPT
Composite shock cap and ringSTD
Ultra hardened steel transmission gearsSTD




Fully adjustable bearing sway barsSTDOPT
No-Stress effect poly-amide front and rear bumperSTDSTD
Ball output couplingsSTD



11SMn Pb37

Barracuda V2 G performance Tune Pipe improved for RR5OPTOPT
Super-Cooling RR5 air ventilation systemOptional with Barracuda V2

Tune Pipe

Optional with Barracuda V2

Tune Pipe

Rear brake only servo slotSTDSTD
Viper Racing Air FiltersSTDSTD
Adjustable inboard and outboard toe with optional insertsSTDOPT
Adjustable kick-up 8°-10° (with optional brackets)STDOPT
Adjustable 0°-3° anti-squat (with optional brackets)STDOPT
Front rear central 60° 90° 120° Self locking diffsOPTOPT

(available with adaptive lock diff only)

Pre-cut RR5 Decal SetSTDSTD
Fully composite body accessoriesSTDSTD
Rear wishbones mud guardSTDOPT
Drive shaft bootSTDSTD
Shock shaft bootSTDOPT

(available with alloy shock lower cap)

Clear body shellSTDSTD


Technical Specifications 
Length: 825 mm
Width: 470 mm
Overall height: 340 mm
Ground clearance: 25-85 mm
Weight: 12.4kg – 12.8kg (depending on equipment installed)
Wheelbase: 549-565 mm (adjustable)
Trackwidth: 402mm
Chassis material: Alloy (4mm)
Suspension: Non-parallel non-line independent
Caster angle: 18° (14° – 20° adjustable)
Camber angle: Adjustable
Toe angle: In-board and out-board adjustable
Anti-squat: 3°
Kick-up: 8°-10° (adjustable)
Shock absorber: Coil-over Oil-filled
Transmission: Full-Time 4WD Shaft driven
Gear ratio: 9,14:1 (18 available 7,44:1 to 10,67:1)
Tyre size: 68 x 180 mm (Micro-Stud Ultra Grip Compound)