First, think of the amazing capabilities of the Africa Twin. Add a long-distance tank and comfort, optional Showa EERA™ suspension and six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), along with a new, improved, shorter windshield and bright Cracked Terrain paintwork inspired by the original Africa Twin . This is the Africa Twin Adventure Sports. The ultimate endurance motorcycle.

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Ready for the long haul

Where are you going next? You decide. With 24.8 liters of fuel, there is a potential range of over 500 km. You’ll appreciate that when the gas station isn’t just around the corner. The new windshield, which can be adjusted in five positions, is shorter for perfect forward visibility and, together with the upper fairing, offers the usual excellent protection. And with the heated grips, you are well prepared even if the weather changes.

Instant response and an optional dual-clutch transmission

On a long-distance tour with all your luggage, you should be able to accelerate immediately when overtaking. Without delay. The powerful two-cylinder engine impresses with precise throttle response and innovative technology such as HSTC and wheelie control. You can simply use the standard driving modes or customize the engine performance . With the optional six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT), you have the choice between relaxed automatic and quick manual shifting.

SHOWA shock absorbers or SHOWA EERA™

Whether you’re riding on gravel roads, off-road or with a passenger and full luggage: Thanks to two possible suspension options, you have the choice between the high-quality, adjustable 45 mm Showa inverted telescopic fork and the Showa rear shock absorber or the optional Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (Showa EERA  ), which always ensures the optimal damping settings. It’s simple: the SOFT (soft), MID (versatile) and HARD (sporty) settings cover all scenarios from touring to sport – and then there’s the OFFROAD setting. You can use the USER option to make individual settings and the rear spring preload can also be adjusted electronically.

Always safely to your destination

Seeing and being seen is important in traffic at all times of the day. The sleek LED dual headlights look fantastic and the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) automatically adjust to the ambient light level. It is always particularly conspicuous, warns other road users and thus ensures greater safety. The additional cornering light automatically illuminates dark corners when driving at night based on speed and lean angle. At speeds above 50 km/h, Emergency Brake Signals (ESS) alert following traffic to an emergency stop.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Powerful 1100cc engine

The two-cylinder engine responds immediately, the performance can be adjusted via four driving modes and a six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) is available as an option.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

smartphone connectivity

Thanks to Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® or Bluetooth® connectivity and a helmet headset, you can always stay in touch and listen to music or use navigation apps on the go.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Daytime running and cornering lights

Rider and passenger safety is always paramount. The bright daytime running lights ensure that you are seen by others on the road. The cornering light automatically illuminates dark corners, taking into account speed and lean angle.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Real adventures with the Adventure Sports

Ready for a long tour? A 24.8L fuel tank gives you more range on long days, cruise control, heated grips and charge ports also make a big difference.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment

Wherever you ride, on any terrain, optional Showa Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment adjusts damping force based on the selected ride mode for perfect suspension response.

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports

Redesigned windshield

We’ve shortened the five-level height-adjustable windshield, which improves visibility but offers the same aerodynamic efficiency and effective wind protection as before.



Dodatne informacije


2-cilindra, 4-taktni




75kW at 7500rpm


6 brzina




25 lit










2 godine

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