Fantic XXF 250


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XXF 250

Factory feeling even in a major category like the quarter-litre. A thoroughbred that boastsaggression, performance, versatility and control for mid-class dominance.


ONE OF A KIND  Sometimes you need extreme choices to win.

Our 250 4t features an absolutely innovative solution on the market: a reversed head, giving direct front aspiration that’s short and efficient.

This compact engine layout, combined with a backwards-sloping cylinder, centralises weight to ensure extreme agility and impressive manoeuvrability.

KEEP THE FOCUS  We want you to stay focused and alert from the first lap to the last.

This is why we worked with the Factory Team to develop special slimline plastics, without obstructions and perfectly contoured to give you maximum comfort, freedom and riding position.

TECHNOLOGY FOR POWER lightagileprecise.

That’s how you want to feel as you ride at the limits between jumps and banking, and that’s what you get with our sophisticated aluminium frame.

Moulded, extruded and die-cast components join forces to guarantee the ideal balance of lightness and rigidity.

BEAUTY AND PERFORMANCE the intrinsic characteristics of the 4-stroke are showcased in our Arrow exhaust system:

great torque and linear delivery combined with an extra boost at high revs!

The ultimate touch is a titanium silencer as standard, weighing just 1 kg, a real plus worthy of a factory bike.


DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE  With the dedicated WiGET app it’s like having several bikes in one.

With a simple click from your smartphone, the bike’s ECU adjusts to one of the mapping setups developed by Fantic Racing, or you can create your own engine setup for any terrain and weather conditions.

It’s also possible to read the bike’s hour counter, add service notes, get diagnostics and view engine data in real-time.

IT’S ALL UNDER CONTROL! Enormous power is controlled by technology.

The XXF 250 is fitted with the Fantic e-Package, with GET traction and launch control.

A big plus is the LC-GPA screen mounted on the mudguard to improve starts and display the different traction control levels.


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