CFMOTO 800MT Touring

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800MT Touring

The road ahead is not always clearly defined. Down each path, and around every unknown bent, new discoveries await. Sometimes you don’t know where to go, but you couldn’t care less.
Immerse in the free, intense adrenaline, strong emotions. Every day will be inspiring. The journey, its ultimately important thing is not where the end of the road is, but where your mind takes you.

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CFMOTO 800MT Touring 2022 is a reliable touring motorcycle for daily urban commuting as well as long distance riding. The 2-cylinder engine is equipped with up to 91 horsepower. The rider has Sport and Rain modes and electronic throttle. Dual disc front and single disc rear brakes, J.Juan, 320 mm and 260 mm respectively provide superior stopping power in all conditions. ABS system as standard. Package includes 350W magneto, LED front light, LED taillights, LED turn signals and fog lights, USB+12V DC, 7 inch TFT dashboard.

The sum of high technical attributes gives the 800MT increased touring capabilities, so that passionate touring riders will enjoy power, long distance riding comfort and handling.

In terms of chassis, CFMOTO 800MT relies on the KYB inverted telescopic front fork with improved response. The front stroke length is 160 mm, meeting the requirements of adventure riding. Adjustable rear suspension, 150 mm travel length. The suspension setup is conducive to riding on varied terrain, giving the rider more confidence in tackling challenges encountered on the trail. The forks are protected by plastic guards integrated into the front wheel cover.

CFMOTO 800MT has a 19 litre capacity tank with a three-dimensional design that allows for good stability when riding from both a high position and from a seated position. This touring model from the Chinese brand comes equipped with the original standard compliant crash bars. The bumpers are uniquely integrated into the front body design, giving a distinctive and majestic look and protecting the tank, front and centre bodywork simultaneously.

ABS cornering system ensures maximum stability and grip, including in sudden deceleration situations. Featuring a bi-directional quickshifter, the rider only needs to use the clutch for starting or parking. Shifting from one gear to another is quick and effortless, allowing for a focused riding experience.

Cruise control. When speed is above 40 km/h and above 4th gear, the rider can switch to cruise control and use the RES and SET buttons to increase or decrease speed respectively. Maximum speed (cruise) is set at 120 km/h. With cruise control assist, the rider can maintain a fixed speed without acceleration. Cruise control reduces fatigue when driving long distances and can reduce unnecessary gear changes. It also improves fuel efficiency.

The rider can check tyre pressure at any time during the ride, detecting any deviations. The rider can adjust the tyre pressure to suit the different terrains he rides over.

CFMOTO 800MT Touring is equipped with cross-spoke rims, providing good impact resistance. They also have the advantage of reducing wheel weight. During the ride, the spiked wheels can cope well with more difficult road conditions. They are easy to repair in case of emergencies.

Uneven and rougher terrain can cause problems. CFMOTO 800MT has a stabiliser that helps the bike stay stable on rough terrain with gravel or roots. In case of bumps, the rider will feel less fatigue in the arm area.

The aluminium boxes have a total capacity of 63 litres (35 litres and 28 litres) and are water and dust resistant. The interior is scratch-resistant. The storage boxes are rack-mounted and can be easily removed.

The CF-SC slipper clutch enhances the experience of shifting from one gear to another in complete safety and comfort.

Technical features:

  • 2-cylinder in-line engine, 799cc, liquid-cooled, EFI, 8 valves, DOHC, 91 HP
  • Sport, Rain modes
  • electronic throttle
  • front brakes 2 discs, 320mm
  • rear brakes 1 disc, 260mm
  • ABS
  • LED headlights
  • 350W magnet
  • 7 inch TFT digital screen
  • USB port + 12V DC socket
  • height 825 mm
  • 19 liters tank
  • colour: Twilight Blue.

The power shown is the manufacturer’s declared power output and may differ from the homologated power output developed by the vehicle as a result of factory power limitation to comply with the relevant regulations.

2 years warranty, motorcycle for sale and instalment/lease.

For a fee, you can purchase a set of side cases and top cases for 1200 EUR (VAT INCLUDED).

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2-cilindra, 4-taktni




67kW/9250 rpm


6 brzina








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