SIDI Crossfire 3 SRS

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Worn by pro riders, it conceived to unleash all the power guaranteeing safety.

Driven by adrenaline and competition, the Crossfire 3 SRS has become one of the most successful boots in motocross, preferred by the most progressive riders on the international scene. Promising to unleash Pro riders’ body full potential, it has been designed to meet the needs of those who reach out for more, delivering all the support, protection, and ergonomics that a pro rider needs from his boot. The result is a boot that is fully armored but flexes completely allowing full functionality of the body.  With SRS technology, sole replacement takes a few minutes and requires only a screwdriver.


The Crossfire 3 SRS has 2 articulated joints: the first one on the ankle, called “HYPER EXTENSION BLOCK”, with completely revolutionized technology. It prevents the hyper extension of the ankle, the instep and the posterior tendon when the leg is flexed forwards or backwards. This technology guarantees the rider’s safety.


The upper pivot, on the bootleg, improves the flexibility of the boot and the adjustment of the bootleg itself. In this way, the rider can adjust the boot strap at the calf to his personal preference and achieve an improved fit.


The boot leg has a replaceable inner calf plate, produced in PU and a printed rubber insert, to protect the leg from exhaust heat, wear and tear. The calf plate features an inner double adjustment, which allows to widen the circumference of the boot and accommodate even wider calves and shin guards. This adjustment was increased for greater performance.


-A- The heel is anatomically shaped and manufactured in PU. Its particular form was designed and implemented to provide more safety to the foot in case of twisting. The new heel guarantees comfort and stability. -B- The boot is equipped with a panel that protects the metatarsus. A rigid replaceable nylon insert has been added to protect the inside of the boot in case the rider’s foot slides off the foot peg or the kick-starter. The insert is replaceable by unscrewing the 4 screws. -C-The toe is entirely covered by plastic protection panels with an embossed geometric design for greater grip.-D- A spoiler has been added to protect and deflect stones and other dirt from the first buckle.


The boot leg upper is entirely assembled with screws, thus it is stitch-free and totally replaceable!


The SRS (Sole Replacement System) interchangeable sole has an innovative design and a revolutionary replacement system. Design and technology are patented by Sidi. The base of the soles, or boat, features a more aggressive look and is slightly higher for greater engagement with the upper. The tip and heel are fixed, while the central part, subject to greater wear, is replaceable. The tip has a special design with traction grooves for greater grip, also ideal for Enduro. The heel area has a fixed insert in soft PU that makes the boot more stable and offers increased traction against the bike. The central part of the sole is made of a rubber insert studied with a new interlocking Dovetail system and 4 screws for easy replacement. Functional design for motocross.

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