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Product information “Neotec-II Jaunt TC-7”


NEOTEC II – Merge with Nature

The most versatile flip up helmet

The SHOEI NEOTEC II is a multifunctional helmet model made for long motorbike journeys and extended tours even as for commuting. Thanks to P/J-homologation the helmet can be used as a integral- or jet-helmet. Its integrated sun visor provides an optimal view at changing light conditions. Cheek pads with noise isolators provide silence in the helmet by their special shape, even at higher speed. The micro ratchet fastener made of stainless steel allows the chinstrap to be closed and opened quickly and comfortably. An optional SRL2 intercom system made by SENA® provides information and entertainment while driving. It can be integrated easily, rapidly and almost invisible to the helmet shell.

Its outer shell from AIM (Advance Integrated Matrix) in combination with a composite polystyrene core with its elements different in density provide an optimal impact protection.
Thanks to a quick-exchange mechanism the standard CNS-3 visor with its wide field of vision can be exchanged quickly and tool-free. The mist-retardant PINLOCK®EVO lens from the delivery scope of the helmet provides a clear view even under difficult weather conditions.
The chinstrap with micro ratchet system is easy to handle and keeps the helmet in place safely.
A locking mechanism made of stainless steel arrests the chin part safely and reliable in closed position.

Wearing Comfort
With 3 different sizes of the outer shell (XXS-M | L | XL-XXL) the SHOEI NEOTEC II offers a wide size spectrum and enables an ideal proportion from helmet size to riders head size. The good balance of the helmet relieves the neck muscles and reduces the fatigue effect, whether in inner-city commuting use or on extended tours.
The tree-dimensional preformed center pad, designed for an effective ventilation, as well as the preformed cheek pad and the chinstrap cover are completely removable and washable. Cheek pads and center pads in different thicknesses are available for individual adjustment of the helmet. Detachable ear pads contribute effectively to noise reduction.
The high-quality, integrated sun visor QSV-1 of the SHOEI NEOTEC II is steplessly extendable. It can be replaced easily and tool-free by an optional yellow tinted version with contrast enhancing effect. The extra visor thus ensures optimal sight for many purposes and weather conditions.
Recesses in the ear area as well as prepared cable grooves and installation positions allow a simple und quick mounting of the SRL2 intercom system made by SENA®, available from the SHOEI accessories range.

Several air intakes and air outlets reduce the temperature and humidity inside the SHOEI NEOTEC II. Even when using the helmet in warm countries or in cold season a comfortable climate prevails inside the helmet and the driver is supplied sufficiently with fresh air.

Integrated spoilers at the chin and rear head area contribute to the aerodynamic performance of the SHOEI NEOTEC II and thus reduce the noise exposure.

Optional Parts
For the SHOEI NEOTEC II visors in a range of tints and mirror coatings are available and can be used under consideration of the ECE homologation regulations. The helmet is originally equipped with the visor type CNS-3. In all visors of this type mist-retarding PINLOCK®EVO lenses can be attached, of which one is included with the helmet. The integrated dark tinted QSV-2 sun visor can be replaced easily and tool-free by a yellow tinted version with contrast enhancing effect.
In the SHOEI spare parts range cheek pads with or without noise isolator and center pads in different thicknesses and sizes are available for replacing the original pads or for individual adjustment of the helmet. Just as a chin strap cover, a breath guard, and a chin curtain.
With the SHOEI NEOTEC II, the SRL2 intercom system by SENA® from the SHOEI accessories range can be integrated. Once paired with a mobile phone, a navigation device or another intercom system it offers the possibility of information and entertainment while driving.

Included in delivery
The SHOEI NEOTEC II comes included with a PINLOCK®EVO lens for using with the visor type CNS-3 the helmet is originally equipped with. Also with PINLOCK® mounting pins for replacement and a small plastic tool, helpful for installing the SRL2 intercom system. Furthermore a breath guard, a chin curtain, a SHOEI logo sticker, an original SHOEI helmet bag for a careful storage of the helmet and a silicon oil for the maintenance of the visor beading and mechanism is included with the original scope of delivery.
The handbook of the helmet, as well as the brochure “How to use your helmet properly” provides useful instructions for use, maintenance and care of your SHOEI NEOTEC II.

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