With the NEOTEC3, SHOEI continues the series of its successful flip-up helmet models with the “TEC” in the name. Whether in everyday city traffic, on evening trips into the curvy countryside or on extended motorbike tours with like-minded people – the NEOTEC3 impresses with outstanding features for all purposes.
The large integrated QSV-2 sun visor, for example, offers excellent glare protection even in low sun. Certified according to the current test standard ECE-R 22.06, the NEOTEC3 is also suitable for use with the chin bar open at adapted speeds, thanks to P/J homologation. When the helmet is completely closed, an integrated, deeply branched ventilation system provides fresh air and cooling.
The revolutionary SHOEI COMLINK interface allows perfect integration of the SRL3 MESH communication system from SENA. Smooth outer surfaces and transitions keep the driver’s or rider’s noise exposure at a low level.
The micro ratchet closure on the pleasantly narrow chin strap makes it easy to put on and take off this incomparably high-quality flip-up helmet model from SHOEI.

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NEOTEC3 – Open for the road ahead

The outer shell of the SHOEI NEOTEC3 made of AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) in combination with a polystyrene core system composed of several elements with different absorption capacities offers optimum impact protection that meets the requirements of the ECE-R 22.06 test standard. The SHOEI NEOTEC3 equally fulfils the requirements of this test standard for full-face helmets and jet helmets. In addition to the recommended use with the chin bar closed, a second, stable snap-in position also allows the helmet to be used with the chin bar open and locked.
The clear CNS-3C visor, mounted as standard, opens up an almost unrestricted horizontal and vertical field of vision. The anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lens supplied with the helmet ensures unobstructed vision even in adverse weather conditions.
The pleasantly slim chin strap with micro ratchet closure is comfortable to use and holds the helmet securely in place.
A stainless steel locking mechanism locks the chin bar securely and reliably in the closed position.


Ventilation inlets directly into the airstream take in fresh air to reduce the temperature and humidity inside the SHOEI NEOTEC3. A removable filter in the lower front ventilation prevents insects from entering. Raised ventilation controls allow the helmet to be operated even when wearing thick gloves, making it suitable for use in cold temperature zones or during the cold season.

Visors in various tints and mirror coatings are available for the SHOEI NEOTEC3, which can be used in compliance with the ECE homologation guidelines. The helmet is equipped with a CNS-3C visor as standard. Anti-fog PINLOCK®EVO lenses can be fitted in all available visors of this type, one of which is included with the helmet.
The integrated, dark-tinted sun visor type QSV-2 can be exchanged for a yellow-tinted version with contrast-enhancing effect from SHOEI’s range of accessories.
The SHOEI range of accessories also includes cheek pads with or without noise isolator, center pads in various sizes and thicknesses, and a retractable pad for the upper head area. They can be used to replace the original pads or to adjust the fit of the helmet to individual needs. Also available are a chin strap pad, a Breath Guard and a Chin Curtain in synthetic leather.
The SENA® SRL3 Mesh communication system from the SHOEI accessory range can be inserted into the SHOEI COMLINK interface of the NEOTEC3. After pairing with a mobile phone, a navigation device or other intercom devices, the SRL3 Mesh offers the possibility of information and entertainment while driving and, at the same time, fits into the helmet shell of the NEOTEC3 almost invisibly. With its high-end speakers, high-quality microphone and sound system from harman/kardon®, the SRL3 Mesh delivers rich sound and crystal-clear voice transmission.


A great variety of accessories and spare parts are available for the SHOEI NEOTEC3, including:

  • Type CNS-3C visors in various tints*
  • Fog-resistant PINLOCK®EVO visor
  • Sun visor QSV-2 in different shades
  • Cheek pads in different thicknesses to replace the original pads or to customise the helmet, with or without noise isolator
  • Center pads in different sizes and thicknesses to replace the original pads or for individual helmet adjustment
  • Pad for adjusting the height of the head padding
  • Chin strap padding
  • Breath guard
  • Chin curtain
  • Communication system SRL3 Mesh by SENA®

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