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The SH36 Carbon side cases by SHAD, winners of the 2015 Reddot Design Award and the 2017 German Design Award Special, stand out by their innovative and functional design. With capacity to hold an XXL modular helmet, they are mounted on the bike with the patented 3P System, which stands out by its integrated and light design.

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The SH36 Carbon side cases by SHAD stand out by their innovative and functional design, with capacity for an XXL modular helmet and for their lightness compared to other side cases. The cutting-edge technology and the innovative design of the SH36 Carbon case earned the prestigious 2015 Reddot Design Award, a reference among designers and manufacturers of the sector. They also won the 2017 German Design Award Special.
Its innovative shapes create trends and offer an elegant, sophisticated and avant-garde design, which stands out for its aerodynamic lines and carefully designed aesthetic details.
The SH36 side cases, with Carbon look cover, are the perfect match for the eXpandible SH58X, SH48 or SH39 cases, which include a version with carbon look cover as standard.

Sophisticated, elegant and avant-garde, following the latest models launched by SHAD, they show SHAD’s decided commitment with design:

• Aerodynamic design that increases the motorcycle’s security and stability.
• Innovative shapes that create market trends.
• Internal tray that helps holding the load.
• Capacity to hold an XXL modular helmet.
• Structural frame that offers water tightness, rigidity and lightness.
• It includes an extra cylinder lock as standard, in case you want to use one key to open all three cases (side and top cases).
• It includes holding straps to ensure that the internal load does not move.
• The security offered by the Handle Lock System allows to have a double lock: on the one side, it fastens the case to the bike and, on the other, it closes the top case at the same time. It has a handle to carry the case in an easy and simple way once extracted.

As all the SHAD motorcycle top cases, it can be open and closed with only one hand, without the need to use the key to open it. We will only use the key when we want to lock it to the motorcycle.
As a must-have accessory, there is the possibility to include internal bags (X0IB36), that fit perfectly into the side cases. They have an external pocket with zipper for direct access with gloves and they are reinforced with an internal foam to protect the contents from any hit and a zipper with puller that can be used with gloves. It also has a strap and a handle to make it easier to carry. In this way, the internal bag makes it easier to transport your belongings without having to extract the case.
If the standard carbon look cover does not convince you, you have the possibility to customize it with the different cover colours available: white, new titanium, dark grey or metallic black, or the tintable option for you to customize to your own taste.

Together with these new and advanced cases, we have developed a new mounting system that is unique in the market: the “3P SYSTEM”. Patented by SHAD and standing out for its integrated and light design, it has been developed taking into account not only the look, but also giving a lot of importance to security.

Integrated design: The mounting is a lot more integrated in the motorcycle. The typical rectangular frame disappears and is reduced to only one arm in the shape of a horizontal “L” that supports the three mounting points (3P) of the case, thus hiding the mounting points when the cases are extracted.
Position: Both the volume of the case and the inclination of the 3P System mounting have been designed to move the whole weight as much as possible towards the motorcycle’s gravity centre. This gives more security and stability when riding with load.
Anchoring flexibility: The 3-point anchorage gives both security and flexibility. That is reflected in a slight oscillation of the case. That oscillation allows the air to circulate around the case, avoiding the “anchoring” effect of a more rigid and flat case. Again, that gives more security and stability when riding.

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