Kymco BigBore kit 70cc 2T


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With the new V.2 gray cast-iron cylinder kit from NARAKU for all air cooled Kymco engines (SF10), the manufacturer offers for the first time a very powerful 70cc version, which does not need to hide behind other well-known kits. The NARAKU cylinder has 6 overflow ducts and a large oval outlet. This cylinder kit can be used with the original cylinder head. The gray cast iron construction allows an excellent price / performance ratio. Because of the control times which are somewhat stricter for a sport cylinder, we recommend using a 17.5mm carburettor for this cylinder to ensure durability and to avoid piston seizures. The cylinder is very well compatible with exhaust systems such as Tecno, Laser, Tecnigas RSII or Hebo Performer. But can be operated with a little less power output also with standard plants.

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