Linhai UTV 570i T-BOSS EPS


Linhai UTV 570i T-BOSS EPS

82,800.00kn (10,989.45 €)


The renowned UTV 570 T-Boss EPS is now even better, even more powerful and even more durable. Modern design with a sporty accent and new alloy wheels will catch your eye at first glance. Thanks to the  power steering , driving is pleasant and easy even when carrying a full load. The new steel body withstands even harsh handling. Plus, there’s an engine – brand new, more powerful, livelier, more fuel efficient. The new Linhai 570 T-BOSS EPS is the ideal helper for all work in the forest, on construction sites, in parks, gardens, sports grounds, and in supplying mountain hotels.

Color design: RedCamouflage

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Motor: 1-cilindra, 4-taktni

Obujam: 499cc

Snaga: 24kw

Pogon: 4×4, 4×2, blokada diferencijala

Težina: 563kg

Nosivost: 200kg



Reliable and economical 499cc engine with DELPHI injection will convince you with high performance, low consumption and low maintenance. Engine power reliably transmits robust automatic transmission with engine brake, field reduction and reverse, from leading Canadian manufacturer CVTech.

Electric power steering

The power steering facilitates steering and significantly improves driving comfort and safety. The power steering requires only minimal effort, even at low speeds and on-the-fly, and neither a long ride or all-day work will make you tired. The power steering not only soothes the ride and improves handling, but also acts as a shock absorber on the steering wheel when the front wheel encounters a hidden stone, hole or stump. The power take off most of the energy and no impact will pull the steering wheel out of your hand.

Drive 4×4

The electrically-coupled all-wheel drive with front differential lock guarantees perfect permeability to every terrain. By pressing the button, you can choose between all-wheel drive or all four-wheel drive, and you can also include all-wheel drive with differential lock and thus significantly increase traction and traction. For heavy work, heavy hills and heavy towing, you have a strong reduction in slow motion.

Excellent driving performance

The wide, robust chassis with a low center of gravity position provides excellent stability and good passage through heavy terrain. All wheels are independently suspended and suspended with high-quality suspension. Excellent handling also ensures an advantageous weight distribution and a small turning radius.

Modern tilting body

For a spacious, sturdy 1350 x 950 x 280 cm tipper, you load up to 200 kg of cargo. Thanks to the practical folding rear and easy folding with two gas struts, the composition of each load is a toy. For the 550 T-BOSS EFi EPS, the body is additionally not only practical, but also complements the sporty, elegant design of the machine.

All control at hand

The steering wheel, shift lever and all controls are clearly arranged and ergonomically arranged. Everything is exactly where you intuitively expect, control naturally falls into your hand. This greatly facilitates work, your attention on the road does not distract, and control is always under control.

Powerful brakes

Strongly dimensioned hydraulic brakes with large disc diameters provide convincing braking power. With a progressive take-off and a balance between the front and rear axles, the brakes are perfectly predictable and reliably stop the full-load or heavy-duty trailer.

Multifunction LCD display

The instrument panel with a blue backlit multifunctional LCD display is easy to read and provides all the relevant information: digital tachometer, digital speedometer, mileage indicator, hourly hours indicator, 2WD / 4WD drive indicator, coolant temperature indicator, digital fuel gauge, high beam, direction indicators, reverse gear and engine indicator.

Rich equipment included

Despite its completely unbeatable price, the Linhai UTV 550 T-BOSS EFi EPS offers plenty of equipment. Already at the bottom there is a sturdy, UV-resistant plastic roof, half front panel, massive front frame, safety gates in the door, passenger handles, head restraints, towing equipment and a 3000lbs electric reel with remote control.

Dodatne informacije


1-cilindar, 4-taktni




24kW (33ks) / 6500 ot./min


4×4, blokada diff








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