Za komplet vam je potreban jos univerzalan nosac za ralice. Ovo je cijena samo za celicnu ralicu bez nosaca.

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      • Strongest, toughest ATV plow on the market
      • Plow system provides 10-13″ lift
      • Blade curve design provides better snow/dirt roll-off at any angle
      • Highly visible yellow blade increases plowing safety
      • Heavy-duty, round-cupped blade skids are adjustable and allow travel in all directions
      • 50″ blade clears a 44-1/2″ swath when angled; keeps more of your ATV’s tires running in a clear swath for better traction and quicker pace – also available in black
      • 60″ blade is designed for larger, more powerful ATVs, clearing a 53-1/2″ swath when angled
      • 72″ blade is designed for UTVs and quads 500cc and larger; clears a 64″ swath when angled; includes rubber plow flap
      • 42″ blade is designed for the smaller 2×4/4×4 vehicles; clears a 36-1/2″ swath when angled
      • 55″ blade is designed for ATVs that need a blade sized between 50″ and 60″; clears a 49-1/2″ swath when angled
      • 42″, 50″, 55″ and 60″ Standard blades are 15″ in height; 72″ Standard blades are 17″ in height
      • Reversible, wide 3″ wear bars for longer life
      • Optional rubber plow flaps are available
      • Mounting frames constructed of 1-1/2″ square tubing with heavy steel mounting plates
      • All blades fit all mount kits
      • All plow blades swivel left or right to any of five positions
      • Blades and mount kits sold separately; replacement bade wear bar also sold separately
      • Made in the U.S.A.

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